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Locs Sunglasses is a popular American eyewear brand known for its hardcore attitude. As one of the most highly demanded eyewear brands in the US and internationally, Locs has maintained its signature designs and black frames through out the years. Find all your Locs at


During the 1970s & 80s, Locs sunglasses were very popular among young people and defined the L.A. look. Influenced by the Hispanic culture in Los Angeles and derive from the Spanish word "loco" (crazy), they were originally worn by cholo's and later became popular with all gangsters in the L.A. area. Gang members would refer to some of their wilder and more active or actually mentally disturbed members as "loco". Later, the term and the associated behavior became very popular with Crips in particular and to a lesser degree the Bloods. So common in Crip vernacular, it was shortened to Loc and used as a suffix in some gang members names.

Fast forward to today, Locs sunglasses are not only popular in California but they are now popular across the United States. The brand now has a wider appeal across all consumer demographics. One reason for this popularity was the glorification of the L.A. Gangster profile through music, movies and of course the media. Being constantly in the media for negative press, gangster rappers were seen sporting these hardcore shades and the style soon picked up everywhere on the streets of Los Angeles! With the rise in popularity,  that quickly helped them cross over into the mainstream and are now popular among famous artists and actors.

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All Black Classic Style 

Locs Hardcore Shades, otherwise known as Gangster Sunglasses, exhibit a serious attitude for serious personalities. Because of the classic style and distinctive all black look to go with the dark tinted lenses, these will continue to be in demand all around the world.